SAT Test Prep Seminar Information

SAT Test Prep Seminar online registration will be open January 9 and closes January 24, 2019.

Prospect's Test Prep Seminar offers a comprehensive approach for preparing students to take the SAT.

  • enables students to apply and practice proven strategies that improve results
  • focuses on developing the ability to solve problems, draw conclusions, make inferences, and think analytically
  • provides assignments that solidify skills

Students will learn how the SAT is scored and develop test-taking strategies to help improve their scores.

Strategies for taking the SAT differ from those that are appropriate for the ACT.

This seminar is not an individualized tutorial.  It is a review of the course content that students have been exposed to in their high school classes.

Prospect offers two sessions, register for one session:


Session I -

Tuesday Evenings 

5:50 - 9:25 p.m.  TBD

Session II -

Wednesdays After School

3:20 - 6:55 p.m.  TBD


Please contact Mrs. Maureen Seul at (847) 718-5414 or if you have any questions.



Note: The STATE SAT will be held at Prospect on Tuesday, April 13.

A Practice SAT will be administered to ALL Prospect Juniors on TBD during periods 1-5. They will have lunch during period 6. Periods 7 and 8 students will participate in a panel discussion.

The results of the Practice SAT will be reviewed with the Juniors in classes the week of February 8.

Please ask your Juniors to share their Practice SAT materials with you; we will NOT be mailing home this information.

The administration and staff of Prospect High School wish all of our JUNIORS well as they prepare for the State SAT with essay on Tuesday, April 13.

Juniors are automatically registered for this exam administered on a school day.

Students taking the SAT on a National Day (Saturday), register online at college

Please Note:  Students who receive test accommodations as part of their IEP or 504 PLAN need to refer to Mrs. Christina Diaz (IEP) or Mrs. Lauren Collins (504) after registering online.  If you have questions, please refer to your case specialist.