ACT Accomodations


If your child has an IEP or 504 Plan, and they receive test accommodations, they need to refer to Mrs. Christina Diaz (IEP) or Mrs. Lauren Collins (504) after registering online.  Questions should be addresssed to their Counselor or Case Specialist at least 6-8 weeks before the test date.

Please remember, students requiring "Special Accommodations over multiple days" will register online. They need to register at and request testing accommodations.  ACT will then notify you by email and request that you see your school official to submit the required documentation.  Do NOT wait till the last day of registration to complete this. Please see Dr. Adkins or Mrs Collins as soon as you receive the email from ACT.  Therefore, check you email on a daily basis.

ACT provides test accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Schools provide accommodations under different regulations. Thus, having a diagnosis and receiving accommodations in school do not guarantee approval of those accommodations for the ACT. Students with current professionally diagnosed and documented disabilities may request one of the following testing options. 

Center Testing #1:  Standard Time National Testing

Request this only if you can test at a regularly scheduled national test center under standard time limits and use either a regular type (10-pt.) or larger type (18-pt.) test booklet, but require accommodations due to your disability.  Examples of accommodations include:

  • assignment to a wheelchair-accessible room
  • large type test booklet
  • marking responses in the test booklet
  • permission for diabetics to eat snacks, wear insulin pump, stop-th-clock-breaks  
  • seating near the front of the room to lip-read spoken instructions
  • sign language interpreter


Center Testing #2:  Extended Time National Testing (50% more time allowed)

All Students register online at  Students need to request testing accommodations at the website.  Then, they need to follow up with with either Mrs. Diaz (IEP) or Mrs. Collins (504) to complete the accommodation request.

Special Testing

Special Testing at school is designed for students whose documented disabilities require accommodations be made in a special setting. Students requiring special testing Examples include:

  • more than time-and–a–half
  • testing over multiple days
  • alternate formats such as Braille, audiocassette, audio DVD, or a Reader
  • use of a scribe or computer to produce a written essay (only for the writing test)
  • extended time only on the writing test