Lost and Found/Stolen Items

If you lost an item, please check in the Attendance Office and fill out the "lost/theft form." Expensive items such as mp3 players, phones, and TI-84 type calculators will be stored in the School Resource Officer’s office until claimed. If we can match an item to a Lost and Found Report, we will send a pass for you to pick up your item.

Register your serial numbers of your electronic devices so if/when we do find them we can get them back to you.The Prospect High School Serial Number Registry is available here

If you had an item stolen while at school, stop into the Attendance office and ask to speak with one of the deans or the school resource officer.

Safety Tips

  • Lock your items in your locker, especially PE lockers.
  • Do not share your combination or locker with anyone.
  • Label your calculator with your name in several different places, including the battery case.
  • Do not leave your items (backpack, jacket, books) unattended. Especially the locker rooms!
  • When you attend the school dances, make sure you use the coat-check to make sure your items are safe.

Student ID cards

Students must have their ID cards on them at all times during the school day and at school functions (dances, sporting events, and activities). When returning to the building during the school day, students must show their ID card to security.  Replacement ID cards are available in the Main Office during normal business hours.  Replacement cards are $5.

Visitor Guidelines

All visitors are required to verify their identity and confirm their purpose of business by checking in at a security desk located at either Door 6 or 30. Visitors from outside District 214 are required to leave a picture ID at the security desk in exchange for a visitor’s badge. Visitors can retrieve their ID before they leave the building for the day.