Every week, teenagers die unexpectedly due to undiagnosed heart conditions. Regular school and sport physicals do not go into enough depth to discover these hidden alignments because it is not cost effective for the healthcare industry and the problems are very rare.

D214 has partnered with Heart Smart EKG to potentially screen ALL students with a low cost opportunity to assess their heart health. Any inconclusive or abnormal EKGs are immediately sent to get an Echocardiogram at Prospect a few minutes later. This higher level test is usually a few thousand dollars at the doctors office but included in the registration fee of $15. 

Prospect's Heart Smart EKG testing date in February 14, 2018

Here is how it works:

1. Register online at http://heartsmartekg.org/high-school-cardiac-screening.

Pay $15 online or in person the day of the screening. If a family has financial difficulties or is on fee waivers, they simply check the necessary box at registration and the fee is waived. No student will be denied due to financial limitations. The test in painless and takes about 2-3 minutes.

2. We need approximately 75 parent volunteers to assist throughout the day with registrations, technicians, etc. Heart Smart will provide basic volunteer training on the evening of Feb 13 so all volunteers are prepared to help. It is not difficult, but this is essential to process the number of kids at Prospect who will take the test. Due to student medical privacy, Prospect staff members can not assist in this capacity. Parents can sign up to volunteer with the following link:


3. On Feb 14 during PE classes/PE waiver study halls, all registered students will get an EKG in a private setting in Gyms 1/2. 

4. Any abnormalities or inconclusive tests are studied by a doctor on site as well as sent to Lurie's Children's Hospital for further examination. If any hidden condition is determined after an EKG and Echocardiogram, they will notify the family within a few days. Heart Smart has an affiliation with Lurie's Children's Hospital and can provide a pediatric cardiologist appointment within 24 hours if that is needed by the family.

5. No results are given to the students at any point in the process. They will be dismissed after their EKG and/or after the Echocardiogram. Receiving the Echocardiogram test is not necessarily an indication of a problem; instead it provides further info when the EKG is inconclusive. Select groups of student-athletes will be eligible for this advanced test based upon their participation in at-risk sports for heart issues.

6. Families have the peace of mind knowing that they took the extra step to ensure their child's heart health.

Register online at http://heartsmartekg.org/high-school-cardiac-screening