The Performance in the Round team began at the IHSA State Series.  This year the team took the full script of the musical Mamma Mia and cut it into a 15-minute production.  Additionally, they had to perform the piece in an arena type stage with a 16-foot circumference.  This year’s team were IHSA Regional Champions, took 3rdplace at the Sectional tournament, and finished 5th in the State at the IHSA Tournament.  Congratulations to the directors Jeremy Morton and Steven Calzaretta and the Mamma Mia Cast:


Abby Grott 

Natalie Carioti 

Maggie Ward

Megan McLaughlin

Emma Knott

Alyssa O’Connell

Keiyln Howard

Kamila Cwanek 

Grace Gadow

Grace Godby

Michael Alicaote 

Anthony Ciero

Ryan Kopp

Emmett Knee

Nicky Cima


These students competed throughout the year in one or more of the 14 Speech events and were cast as the PIR Team after auditions and casting.  Congratulations for telling Mamma Mia, as some judges pointed out, better in 15 minutes than a 2 ½ hour musical. 


Now let’s celebrate and congratulate your 2016 State Champion Team


Melissa Spacapan (Sr) competed in Special Occasion speaking on the regional team.


Patrick Kelly-Dutile (So) competed in Radio Speaking.  With only 45 minutes to prep and practice a 5-minute radio news broadcast, Patrick shared his voice with the state projecting international, national, & local news, along with sports and weather.  Congrats on qualifying for sectionals and being a part of the team.


Rhegan Graham (JR) took another person’s speech and performed it as her own.  In her 8-minute presentation, Rhegan qualified for sectionals with her piece about a crisis text hotline for teens.


Veronica Boratyn (SR) competed in the event Informative speaking.  Veronica was able to inform the state about the history and origin of the use of profanity.  Congrats on qualifying for State.


John Zach (JR) performed in the event called Poetry reading.  It is pretty much what it sounds like; however, John took multiple poems from various authors to create an 8-minute program that uses high levels of poetry and entertainment.  This is definitely not your traditional Dr. Seuss poetry. Congratulations John for finishing5th in the state in Poetry Reading.


Molly McDermott (SO) competed in an event called Dramatic Interpretation.  In this event actors can take prose or scripts and tell the serious tales of some beautiful stories.  Molly finished 5th in the state in Dramatic Interpretation with her telling of a story of a young autistic girl coping with the murder of her brother.  Congratulations.


Lillian Hermes (SR) competed in two different events in the IHSA state series.  Her first event that qualified for sectionals is called Extemporaneous speaking.  Here speakers are given 45 minutes to research a political or historical question and present a 6 minute answer without using any notes and quoting her research.   


Additionally, Lillian qualified and finished 4th in the State in Impromptu speaking.  Lillian and all impromptu speakers are given a quote or a topic to speak on and only 2-minutes to prepare a six-minute speech with no notecard.  Lillian is an articulate professional who dominated these two incredibly difficult events all year.


Andrew Pittman  (SR) competed in two events.  His first event that he was incredibly successful in all year is Original Comedy.  Is this event, performers create an 8 minute performance that tells a comedic tale.  Andrew finished third in the state in Original Comedy with his story about a student council election in an elementary school with special guest appearances by characters like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and President Obama.


Kit Fitzgerald (SR)  and Jimmy McDermott (JR) have competed two years in a row in an event called dramatic duet acting.  This event is exactly what it sounds like.  Your Knights finished third in the state in Dramatic Duet Acting with their touching and emotional story about a couple dealing with the loss of a child. 


And now for your state champions.  At the state ceremony, these five students found out that they won and 5 seconds later were handed a microphone and performed for over 1500 people.


Congratulations to the state champions-


Andrew Pittman (SR)- is your STATE CHAMPION in humorous interpretation.  In humorous interpretation, actors take a piece of literature and portray all of the characters.  Andrew took a very popular book and put an extremely different and comical twist to this tale.


Kit Fitzgerald (SR) not only in an Academic All-American for speech but competed in and is your State Champion in Prose Reading.  Using a binder, Prose readers are storytellers.  They take their audiences on journeys without any milk or cookies.  Kit took the entire state on a journey about a young comedian who is suffering with depression.  The highs and lows brought the audience cheers, laughter, and tears. 


Jimmy McDermott  (JR) is not only An All-American having finished not in the top 12 of the Nation this past summer, but Jimmy is your State Champion in Original Oratory.  In his original 8 minute speech, he implores us to live in the moment; to put our phones and apps down, and to enjoy what life is throwing our way.  An amazing side note about Jimmy this year is that he won every single tournament that he attended in this event.  He is truly a remarkable speaker.  Congrats Jimmy.


Ben Marshall (JR) and Molly McDermott (SO)  are your State Champions in the event Humorous Duet Acting.  Similar to Dramatic Duet Acting, this partnership has the chance to tell an 8-minute comedic story.  Congratulations to Ben and Molly for their portrayal of two people who do not seem like a perfect couple at first, but we learn otherwise in their performance. 


The coaches and students would like to thank their parents for supporting their passion and getting them to school on Saturday’s before 6:00am, the administration and board of education for providing them with the opportunity to develop these remarkable and life changing skills and their colleagues and peers for cheering us on.