BGHS & PHS Theater Arts Departments Bring Humor and Friendly Competition to Winter Play


Buffalo Grove and Prospect High School’s Theater Arts Programs present a humorous theatrical competition for this year’s Winter Play with Comedy Sportz High School League.  Students from Buffalo Grove and Prospect High Schools will participate and compete against each other at each of the performances, which take place on Friday, December 1 and Saturday, December 2 at 7pm at Prospect High School; and  Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9 at 7pm at Buffalo Grove High School.

The show is known to be a hilarious interactive 90-minute show where two teams compete for your laughs in comedy scenes, songs and games right on the spot based on your suggestions. You choose the winner and the show is never the same twice. It’s clean, smart comedy for all audiences and all ages! 

Comedy Sportz High School League teaches students the art of improvisation, allowing each performance to be different and unique.  Buffalo Grove Co-Director Beth Wells says, “All of the schools in D214 are working with Comedy Sportz professionals throughout this school year. Improvisation teaches life skills like communication, teamwork, and being resilient in the face of failure.”  Wells goes on to say, “Our students will be working in improv comedy teams and developing an entertaining evening of sketch comedy. Teachers from both schools will be involved in the fun as well, participating in games with students throughout the show.”  Prospect’s Director Jeremy Morton adds, "This is such an awesome opportunity for District 214 schools.  We not only get a chance to work with these great players from across the district, but we also are allowed to grow as individuals as well.  Improvisation is a skill that will help those that range from our most dedicated fine arts students to those who have never participated before.  This life-skill is an art form, and I am thankful that we are permitted to work on this craft that can help our students no matter their career pathway."  The professional organization echoes these thoughts and states, “The League provides professional fine-arts instruction in Chicago’s home-grown theatrical art, improv comedy.  More importantly, the program instills, by regular practice and reinforcement, values of inclusion, support, flexibility, and resiliency to counter existing cultural pressures that can lead to problems with bullying and depression.”

Each show is brought to life by Buffalo Grove and Prospect High School actors, including: Zoey Heinrich, Lauren Clarke, Andrew Goldberg, Maddie Pickering, Kayce Drevline, Antonio Laverd, Henry Allan, Michael Seyller, Meghan Griffin, Lily Shane, Trevor North, Jenna Sydlowski, Rianna (Reenie) Deckowitz, Emma White, Kim Smedinghoff, Carly Colen, Maddie Morrison, Abbey Finn, Haley Durso, Brandon Puga, and Anoosheh Zaidi from BGHS; and Alex Lasky, Alyssa O'Connell, Brianna Rider-Leiner, Cody Bolitho, Cole Lebrecht, David Kakareko, Emma Knott, Claire Goodman, Gianna Shaw, Julia Holzl, Kamila Cwanek, Megan McLaughlin, Molly McDermott, Molly Ruhl, Nicky Cima, Nikolina Cima, Sanworlee Nyain, Sophia Konstantinou, Will Hitesman from PHS, with an alternate PHS cast including Emily Fried, Jacqueline Galliano, Jamie Costabile, Killian Bach, Liam McGrath, Nat McPherson, Stefanie Flynn.

The play is co-directed by BGHS Theater Arts Program Directors Beth Wells and Lauren Stenzel, and Prospect High School’s Director Jeremy Morton.  Technical Director Ed Moon leads the BGHS student crew including Brian Angeliu, Tommy Bahary, Ryan Bayliss, Lizzie Brick, Charlie Buehler, Tim Cooper, Julia Deredowski, Ethan Ernst, Melissa Gibbs, Ryan Gledhill, Samantha Goodmanson, Lucie Greene, Ish Gupta, Laurel Hart, Lynnette Hartwell, Kyle Howe, Mike Keeley, Katie Koblas, Sydney Larson, Angella Lee, Mercedes Marowally, Elise Marsicek, Helen Niu, Isabel Ornealas, Melanie Reitman, Jacob Richards, Rachel Schoeneman, Jenefer Shin, Ryan Staehle, Katrin Svadlena, Lida Tetyusheva, Avery Weissman, Ian Yambao.  PHS Tech Director David Snoble leads the PHS students including ​Grace Hunt, Katie Hamilton, Mac Burgess (Sound), Cassidy Delahunty (Stage Manager and Design), Julia Kupperman (Set Design), ​Kat Sinnott (Light Design), Katie Owen (Stage Manager).  The BGHS Costume Crew is lead by Costume Director Debbie Andres.  BGHS House management is provided by Robin Christie and Eric Garneau.  

Tickets are $7 at the door. Online tickets for any of the four shows include a service charge and may be purchased at or  All seating is general admission.  The box office opens 30 minutes before curtain time.  Cash and checks are accepted at the door.  The performance runs approximately 90 minutes, which includes a 15-minute intermission where concessions are available for sale.  For more information, call BGHS House Manager Eric Garneau (847) 718-4071 or PHS House Manager Sandy Ghilarducci at (847) 718-5222.






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