The SAT measures writing, critical reading, and mathematics abilities. The writing section contains a short essay and multiple-choice questions on grammar, usage and word choice. The critical reading section contains items on reading comprehension, sentence completions, and paragraph length critical reading. The mathematics section includes number and operations, algebra and functions, geometry, statistics, probability, and data analysis. Although optional, this test is required by some post secondary institutions.

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Most colleges and universities accept both the ACT and SAT.  

Please check the Assessment Calendar to see which high school in District 214 will administer the SAT.

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, a "free" SAT with Essay will be administered to all Junior students at Prospect.

Students do not register for this test.  However, they will need to create a College Board Account before the test date.  More information regarding this will be email to students in March. Please take some time and discuss your child's college choices for receiving their SAT scores.  Remind students to check their school emails on a daily basis.

The testing schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - Testing for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will occur from 8:15 a.m. to 1:25 p.m.  There will be no classes conducted after testing on Tuesday.  Buses will pick up students at the regular time on Wednesday morning and will leave Prospect to return students to their homes at 1:35 pm.  There will be no activity buses on Tuesday; however, there will be athletic buses at the normal times. Juniors with approved testing accommodations from College Board will finish testing on Wednesday, April 11 at 8:15 a.m. 

Note:  Seniors wil not attend school on Tuesday, April 10.

This assessment day is important for all Prospect students.  Please encourage your children to get a good night's rest and to eat a nourishing breakfast in order to maximize test performance.  

Please remember, students are NOT allowed to bring any electronic devices or cell phones into the testing room nor use them during the breaks.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding testing, please contact our Assessment Supervisor, Mrs. Janice Sokolik, at (847) 718 5413 or


SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests are offered to aid college placement in specific subject areas and they are optional. Students may choose from the following: Literature, U.S. History, World History, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and foreign language tests. Please contact your assessment coordinator for information. 

Target Population

Predominantly college-bound 11th and 12th grade students.  


  • SAT only - approximately $50
  • Subject Area Tests - approximately $23-$66
Dates  Test Registration Deadline
November 5, 2016
SAT & Subject Tests
September 16, 2016
December 3, 2016
SAT & Subject Tests
November 4, 2016
January 21, 2017
SAT & Subject Tests
December 23, 2016
March 11, 2017
SAT Only
February 10, 2017
May 6, 2017
SAT & Subject Tests
April 7, 2017
June 3, 2017
SAT & Subject Tests
May 5, 2017


If you want your scores sent to Prospect use our School Code, 143-062.

Click here for online registration for the SAT. You'll need a credit card in order to complete online registration .



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